November 11, 2016
Remembrance Day

It was Remembrance day and we had planned to mark it appropriately but Matthew had other ideas on how to make it memorable. Okay so that's a bit unfair, but seeing as I spent an hour and a half of the wee hours of the night cleaning up I think I'm entitled to a bit of whining. It was epically bad. How bad? Try puking down the wall side of his bed bad. And physically unscrewing half of the slats supporting his mattress and clean out the screw holes with a q-tip bad. And having to wash not one but TWO mattresses and sheet sets bad (because of course he managed to drench the spare mattress stored under the bed as well). It goes without saying that there was a bath needed and I was glad that he still fits on a crib mattress since the other mattresses were soaking wet.


My kids have all been instructed to sleep facing away from the wall in the future. I'm seriously hoping no kid in the top bunk ever pulls a similar stunt because the sibling underneath would have a really gross awakening


Anyway, despite illness we still let Elizabeth came home early from school. She spent the extra time making a squirrel. As you do.


In the evening I went to a lovely ballet with Margaret and pretended I had no children. I was sleepy but enjoyed it very much.

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