November 4, 2016
17 months

At seventeen months Amelia is definitely talking a mile a minute. Unfortunately we still don't understand most of what she says. One favourite phrase we do understand: "What DAT?" She loves to point to all kinds of things and get us to tell her what it is. Sometimes she genuinely wants to know, but more often she's just thrilled with being able to participate in a conversation.


She likes turning on and off light switches and will ask to operate them. "Light". But if we don't cooperate she's quite capable of dragging climbing aids nearby to help her.


Seventeen months is how long it took her to learn how to uncap the lids from markers which means that her beloved craft cupboard now gets locked unless we are supervising. She likes to scribble on any available paper. Or book. Or toy. She has also been known to suck on the ends of the marker...

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