November 8, 2009
Retirement Party

Today we celebrated Grandma J's retirement.  It took Grandma J a few years to build up to it but she finally did it and we're all very proud of her.  Elizabeth helped Auntie Janice make a Blender Almond Torte cake as part of the wonderful feast we had.  Long after her bed time a very well behaved Elizabeth also demonstrated her great piano skills in between eating everything in sight (including real food!!!) and otherwise being a very busy baby climbing all over everything and everyone.



On November 26, 2009 at 07:40 pm
Vera Kan said:
Congratulations to Margaret... you'll probably be busier than ever in retirement with three grandkids to chase after! And Erika is so pretty and Maria is so cute and Elizabeth is doubly cute and I hope to get up there soon to see 'em all!

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