December 9, 2016
Santa at Cumberland Heritage Village

We went to see Santa at Cumberland Heritage Village with the homeschooling association again and this year all the kids were healthy enough to come! Amelia was not interested in sitting next to Santa. I didn't think this Santa was particularly good but the kids had a blast and Amelia really, really enjoyed decorating her cookie. The wagon ride was a huge hit as well.


Elizabeth asked Santa for "a periscope. Or a telescope would be okay too". Matthew asked for a "remote control digger". In the car on the way there I stressed that Santa wasn't real. On the way home Matthew told me I was joking because he had seen Santa with his own eyes. I'm not sure what he thinks I'm trying to pull but the more I tried to convince him that it was a fun pretend story with costumes the more convinced he seemed that Santa is completely real. Elizabeth didn't seem particularly convinced either. So I gave up.

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