October 30, 2016
All Saints and GNAG Halloween Party

Growing up we always had an All Saints Day parade at church, so I was very excited to organize one for our church this year. Possibly too excited as I volunteered to prep twenty five costumes in order to maximize child involvement.


In any case, Elizabeth was St Brigid and Matthew was St George. Unfortunately his dragon backed out at the last second but Matthew didn't care as long as he got to wave around a sword. Elizabeth had a hard time picking a saint as she wanted one that a) was "interesting" and b) didn't come to a sticky end. Her favourite karate sensei is Brigitte so that was close enough to be satisfying.


Elizabeth decided she was going to be a cat for the Glebe Community Centre Halloween party, because her friend Olivia was going and also a cat. Since she came up with the costume design using existing materials, I didn't argue and even helped with the face paint. Matthew finished his robot and insisted he was going to wear it. It was adorable (he got the idea from Curious George, so I'm blaming Jess). It was also really, really, really hard to walk around in. We made it up the stairs and he did a few awkward games but when I told him he'd have to come out of his costume to go in the bouncy castles he was more relieved than sad. We also found out that we didn't have to do *all* the games to get the candy. I was thrilled!!! Amelia really enjoyed decorating the cookies and colouring at the science station. No one was interested in feeling eyeballs or brains. Sigh.


We went through the haunted house. Elizabeth was keen to do the scary one on the grounds that the karate version was pretty scary but I wasn't about to let her do it on her own (they suggested at least eight) and the younger two were too little so I didn't let her. We found Olivia about five minutes before it was time to go home. I let Amelia have her first lollipop while waiting for Brendan to pick us up. The kids agreed that eating the candy was the best part!

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