October 22, 2016
Halloween karate

Elizabeth was very excited to attend the karate Halloween party, a week early because many of the staff are headed to Ireland for the World Karate Championships around Halloween. Elizabeth picked her costume (a magician) and practiced her tricks well in advance in case she might have a chance to show them off. I was mostly pleased that she decided on a costume that used pieces already on hand!


The dojo was super decorated and the senseis clearly put a lot of time and effort into their costumes. They also set up a haunted maze with all kinds of jumping animals and scary things. Elizabeth had a blast at the party and couldn't WAIT to take "her adult" through the maze ("You have to do it Mom, because otherwise I don't get another chance. I'll talk you through the scary parts.") It would have been considerably more startling without the spoilers in my ear, and I was impressed that my kid didn't freak out the first time and wanted to go back. She's growing up! 

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