January 3, 2017
19 months

Nineteen months seems to involve a lot of teething. Teeth are trouble, especially because the result seems to be much less eating. At least she gained some weight in time for her last checkup. Currently she's 31.5" and 20.3 lbs. We've even started talking about maybe migrating out of the infant car seat someday...


Amelia's talking a great deal in very long sentences that are complete gibberish to us, but we can now carry on very basic conversations. "Yeah", "Please" and "NOOOOOOOOO" are particularly favourite words. She's also picked up chanting "bad bad bad" when someone does something she doesn't appreciate. This can be entirely attributed to Matthew, but all three do this now to our chagrin and dismay.


She loves reading and frequently brings books to read. She has a counting book with animals, counting ladybugs and our old family calendar are current favourites.


You can see her learning and figuring things out. For instance, she knows how to use the Fisher Price cash register. Before she used to put the coins in randomly until they worked. Now she clearly knows which colour goes where.


She's also starting to show some interest in using the toilet "like a big girl". I'm not sure if this is because she really loves flushing or because she's interested in getting out of the diapers but it's a sliver of hope. She is a very determined little girl who knows her own mind so we decided there is no point in trying to get her to train until she's decided she wants to!


She usually wakes up around quarter to seven. Or sometimes early (poor Daddy!) Then she crawls all over us saying "Good Morning" and giving kisses. If we aren't quick enough she also flips on the light. Napping is not predictable at all - anywhere from 10am to 3pm. It probably follows that bedtime is not very predictable either. Some days she very happily falls asleep at 7, others she'll be playing and flinging herself around like a wild thing until 11pm. Of course there doesn't seem to be much pattern to which she's going to do.


Here's a very typical story about Amelia this month. She takes a nap and wakes up. She's still tired, so Daddy asked her if she wanted to cuddle. She closed her eyes and went back to sleep on Daddy. After a while, she woke up again and started tugging at Daddy's shirt looking to nurse. He explains that he's not Mommy. She opens her eyes, looks startled, tells Daddy "Bad, bad, bad", crawls into bed and promptly passes out again.

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