January 2, 2017
Skating and Swimming

We decided to go skating with cousins. It was Amelia's and Isabelle's (?) first time!


There was a minor glitch in that we discovered that Elizabeth needed new skates after we had already committed to the plan. Minor detour to skate shop to get skates and a new helmet for Matthew, but eventually we got there.


I put Amelia into a bike helmet because her head was swimming in the hockey helmet (the smallest one on the market) and I felt it was safer. The staff tried to make me put a hockey helmet on her anyway because "policy". I told them I'd be happy to do that, but if actual safety was the goal that didn't make sense. Eventually they gave up.


Amelia enjoyed skating very much. She's one of the kids that tries to run on the ice but she started to hold more of her own weight pretty quickly. I was impressed since she's not even two yet! Matthew got his skating legs back very quickly - I expect he'll be able to do some longer distance skating on the canal this winter.


After skating we went to Uncle Dave and Auntie Karen's for lunch and a frolic in the snow for all except Theo. Theo does not appreciate winter, or snowsuits. My kids thought this was strange.


After lunch we headed back to the sports complex for swimming this time!

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