February 11, 2017
Matthew is FOUR

Much like his older sister at the same age Matthew has been looking forward to turning four for about a month.  Much happy birthday to me has been heard echoing through the house.  For his party he requested a dinosaur theme.  There were dinosaurs everywhere.  In the cake, flying through the air around the house and even at the restaurant eating the kids crayons.  Four is still rather loud but showing definite signs of maturity.  His ability to listen and concentrate have grown along with his height and curiosity.  He's even showing faint signs of starting to pronounce words properly.  He enjoys running around and pretending that he is fighting monsters.  He loves to play on the iPad or mommy's phone and is actually rather disturbingly good at some pretty complex puzzle games.  He loves to joke around and certainly has a sense of humour if a bit odd.  His colouring is still mostly wild scribbling but occasionally he gives colouring inside the lines a try just to see what it is like.  He eats most things although dessert is certainly the highlight.


All in all he's a fun and joyful little ball of energy and we are very proud of the four year old he's grown into.

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