February 1, 2017
Amelia 20 Months

At 20 months Amelia is becoming a bit of a fashionista.  She loves to wear everyone else's clothes and especially shoes.  She takes great joy in parading around in them and would wear more of the rest of the family's clothing if she could reach it or could figure out how to get it on.  She spends a great deal of time trying to figure out how to get Matthew's coat on whenever he neglects to hang it up after coming in (which let's be honest is most of the time).  This is mainly adorable but occasionally she's been caught depositing half eaten cookies in people boots or leaves the laces all pulled tight and wonky. 


She continues to talk more and more and we continue to understand more and more.  She still staunchly refuses to use the toilet although seems to find it very amusing to pull up her pants before you get a diaper back on while changing her.  She also enjoys bringing people diapers and suggesting that she might need a change, although she doesn't always actually need one so this may just be a bit of game.  


After a promising start Amelia is now not much of an eater and is still mostly vegetarian. She has actually been noticed eating ham, bacon and hamburger so there is some hope that other meat will follow.  Very occasionally she'll devour massive quantities of something or other but generally she just nibbles.  Amelia is still very cheerful and smiley and has started to interact more with people other than her immediate family.  Lorianne has had some very amusing snack/study sessions with her.  Her play continues to become more imaginative and independent.  She loves to play with all of her siblings' toys and mainly seems to actually be gentle and non-destructive with them. This does not make them happier about sharing said toys, especially when it comes to lego.

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