March 4, 2017
Amelia 21 months

At 21 months Amelia has started using sentences, although we are definitely in the 20 questions linguistics phase. Still loves her "yeah" or "Noooooo" but has taken to chanting the same one or two words over again until we figure out what she is asking for. I find it very amusing that my children all favoured different words for yes. Elizabeth was all "yessssss". Matthew: "uh huh". Amelia can sure put a lot of meaning into her "yeah"s.

She loves putting on winter clothing (even inside) but when it's time to go out she insists on the full regalia. "Co, co, co" (Coat) "Ha, Ha, Ha" (Hat) "Mitt, mitt, mitt, mitt", "Boo, Boo, Boo" (Boot) she'll chant until she is properly attired. Although she is quite capable of putting everything on "by self" aside from zipping up her coat.


This month Amelia has really become obsessed with dolls and stuffed animals.  She has a few in particular which she is especially fond of but seems to be fairly open to anything vaguely baby like.  She cuddles them and takes them everywhere with her and gives them bottles and soothers (still a hilarious concept as none of our children really used either to any great extent).  She even straps them into her car seat and brings them to meals. Elizabeth has been pretty patient with Amelia kidnapping her dolls as long as she leaves the special bears and elephants alone! With the occasional reminder that she has not relinquished ownership and is just lending them... Amelia doesn't seem attached to a particular "baby" but she does insist on sleeping with one and has definite ideas about whose turn it is.


Foodwise she is eating more and getting less picky. She still nurses quite a bit more than Mommy would like, but so far not so much that I feel like waging the battle that weaning looks like it will be.


She has started asking to be changed fairly consistently, but does not wish to use the toilet. I'm working on putting her to bed in her own room, which she liked until I unfortunately referred to as her "big girl bed" after which she started insisted on the crib again. In fact, asking her if she wants to be a "big girl" is a pretty surefire way to get her to not do whatever it is that we are trying to convince her is a good idea. So I try not to do that but old habits die hard. 

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