November 25, 2009
Dermatology Peek-a-Boo

Our follow-up dermatology appointment was cancelled because the staff were reassigned to CHEO emergency department for H1N1.  But with new flu cases on the decline in the capital, they were able to reschedule and we ended up with a new appointment on the same day as our original appointment (but an hour and a bit later). 


We try to take extra care over Elizabeth's presentation when we go for medical appointments.  My theory is that if Elizabeth looks especially cute, the staff will pay extra attention to her.  So far this seems to be working, although it's possible the strategy backfired slightly this time...


The resident who did our preliminary assessment today was determined to get a smile out of Elizabeth, bopping her with "Stomach Ulcer" (Elizabeth's favourite giant microbe toy) - in the stomach of course - complete with sound effects.  "Boop!", she said.  Elizabeth is very suspicious of strangers these days but by the third or fourth boop she couldn't help a small giggle.  Unfortunately Elizabeth wouldn't go peacefully to Dr. K (the head dermatologist) this time, to his obvious chagrin.  This led to a rather comical exchange as the various members of the crowd of students and doctors huddled around Elizabeth.  "What treatment would you recommend?" he asked the assessing resident.  She drew a deep breath and launched into a technical response.  And then broke off midsentence when she realized that Dr. K was not exactly paying attention.  "Peek-a-boo" he said, as he covered and uncovered his face with his hand.  Elizabeth laughed, along with the rest of the staff.


The doctors are now all agreed that most of Elizabeth's hemangiomas are officially in the so-called "rest" phase.  This means that they aren't going to get any bigger but they aren't getting smaller yet either.  Elizabeth's facial hemangiomas are showing signs of involution already, silvering on the outside.  They were quick to caution that it can still take years for the hemangiomas to disappear.  Dr. K said that it is also still too early to tell whether there will be excess skin on the side of the nose that will need to be surgically treated. 

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