April 20, 2017
New Doctor

Tuesday we went to check out Dr Lynn's replacement.


When Elizabeth heard we were headed to the doctor, she wanted to know if Dr Lynn was back. This was her first question, even before determining whether needles would be involved. I explained that no, she was still living in Alberta. "Oh" said Elizabeth "I'll wait until she gets back"


Elizabeth doesn't need to get any shots except for the flu shot until grade seven or so, but Matthew was due for a few. He wasn't too sure about whether he wanted to have any needles and asked about all the diseases and their symptoms that he was being immunized against. Elizabeth was all: "Better get the shot, Matthew, because it only hurts for a second but some germs will kill you dead" She went on to advise that the best idea was for him to sleep through his needles. "Go to sleep now, then you won't feel anything". So he kept randomly pretending to fall asleep. He was super stoic for his first needle - didn't even make a sound - but he did cry a little bit at the second. He was very anxious to know whether he was really brave. (Yes)


By the way, Dr. Stephens was deemed super nice. Elizabeth declared that she'd take her on as her "second doctor". Because she's keeping Dr. Lynn forever.

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