April 22, 2017
Earth Day

Elizabeth's school celebrated Earth day yesterday because the 22nd fell on a weekend this year. I discovered this about 7:15 Friday morning when Elizabeth came upstairs to complain that she didn't have a blue or green sweater. "I have to wear blue or green! And everyone else should too! And I have to have a no-waste lunch! Can everything in my lunch be green or blue?" Being Friday, I got to come up with a completely different plan for lunch, locate the right coloured clothing and generally get the kids ready for school by myself as Brendan had escaped to a breakfast meeting. I sent Elizabeth to the bus stop by herself, which turned out to be wise as she was gone long before her siblings had their act together enough to get out the door. Did I mention it was pouring rain? Amelia got so wet on the walk to preschool that she needed a change of clothing. Thanks, Earth day the first.


Anyway, the real Earth day was much better. We celebrated by visiting the museum of Nature. After trading in a wasp, a tree swallow eggshell and a couple of Cardinal feathers for a "diamond" (quartz) and (bearded) dragon skin, the kids decided to visit the Earth galley.  "We have to go to the Earth gallery on Earth day". We got to draw Northern lights and help put the polar bear to bed (but first we removed all his internal organs!) We also patted some real polar bear fur and touched his claws. Elizabeth was quite impressed by how sharp they were.

Amelia loved going under the bear but once it started to deflate she was careful to stand well back.

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