March 5, 2017

We really wanted to go tobogganing one last time to try out new sleds but there wasn't any snow at our normal hill. So I decided to see if Landsdowne had any left.


Turns out it was sheer ice and Elizabeth scampered up to the very top before I could suggest that I thought we should try sliding from about quarter of the way up.


She took one look and asked "should I go down?". "Just go" I foolishly replied, not wanting her to slip trying to walk down the hill. Big mistake, which I realized as soon as she hit the first bump near the top. Turns out the hill was deeply rutted, so she was airborne pretty quickly and doing out of control somersaults down the hill. Absolutely nothing I could do but watch in horror while praying that catastrophe be averted.


Hit her head pretty hard at the bottom, but I knew she was likely okay when she got up and yelled "Mom, you are NOT looking after me properly! Why did you let me do that? I'm never ever going sledding without a helmet again!"


I made her go down again (from quarter of the way up) because I didn't want that to be the last toboggan run of the season. Matthew and Amelia slid down too... On their bottoms.


Then we limped home. Luckily for me Grandma came over for supper to distract them from my terrible parenting and we watched Crashed Ice together. Elizabeth and Matthew figured they'd like to try downhill skating. I refrained from comment.

On May 10, 2017 at 12:04 pm
Grandma H said:
Must have been the new sleds fault. I nearly fell off my chair laughing at E's reaction!

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