May 1, 2017
White Belt

Elizabeth has been trying very hard to convince Matthew that he needed to sign up for karate, and finally we bowed to the inevitable. Mostly I think Elizabeth wanted the chance to spin the wheel for a prize. She won a dairy queen treat. I was hoping for a free month of karate lessons and relieved no drone or something equally terrifying. She's already trying to figure out who she can sign up next. Be warned.


Matthew is loving having his own gi and getting to go to karate too. So far I've been pleasantly surprised at how well he listens to the senseis. He's even been described as "focussed" (!) Hopefully this doesn't wear off as he gets more comfortable.


Elizabeth was very excited to be able to help in her brother's class. "It's the cutest one" she says, and she has a point. Something about the three and four year olds flailing around is adorable.


Today is a bit of a milestone mark in my adventures as a "karate mom" as I somehow got roped into scoring the karate nationals coming up at the end of the month. Quite the adventure from knowing nothing about karate less than eighteen months ago!

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