December 1, 2009
Where does Milk come from?

Auntie Yukiko, cousin Erika and cousin Maria joined Elizabeth and I for a great adventure at the Canadian Agriculture Museum this afternoon.


The museum itself is closed for the winter, but as we discovered, anyone can visit the barns between 9am and 5pm completely free of charge from November to March.  We had great fun wandering around visiting the various animals (horses, sheep, goats, pigs, cattle, a bull and a rabbit). 


The cattle barn was by far the most popular.  Not only was it heated (unlike the barn with the horses!) but we arrived in time to watch the milking machines in action!  The cows are milked twice daily at 6am and 4pm.  We were quite surprised by how close we were to the animals and so fascinated to watch their curved tongues licking the floor that I just had to take a video, which I've posted here for your viewing pleasure.  We were amused by the poster that declared "Every cow you see is a working mom" and sympathetic to the very pregnant cows in the maternity ward (hooves! ow!)  Elizabeth got her picture taken with her bovine namesake, while Erika was captivated by the calves and screwed up all of her courage to pet a few of them.


We'll definitely pay a repeat visit, maybe in January when some of those pregnant mamas are due to have delivered their babies!



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