May 2, 2017
Dead rat

Remember Fred? We'd hoped that we'd seen the end of the sewer rats living in the flower bed but no such luck as three new entrances appeared as soon as the ground thawed.


We are trying many ways of dislodging these undesirable tenants.


The kids put our plastic snake at the end of the tunnel in the hopes that it might catch a rat (to the great consternation of more than one delivery person).


Brendan heard rats didn't like onions, so we shoved an onion cut into pieces down the tunnel and put chicken wire over the top.


I called the city. Actually, I called the city about a neighbour's dog that was roaming unsupervised with less than successful results, but since I was already on the line I asked the nice operator if he couldn't also dispatch someone to put poison into our branch line again. The exterminator was by less than twelve hours later, so I was pretty impressed.


Imagine my surprise a couple of days later to find a rat that had died right at the mouth of his tunnel. It HAS been raining a lot - could he have drowned? Was it the poison? Or did he have a heart attack when he saw the snake???

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