May 9, 2017
Ottawa Spring

We have received 112.4mm of rain since the beginning of May. That's the same amount that fell in all of April, May and June last year!


Spring this year has been very wet. Record-breaking wet with many properties along the Ottawa river flooding. Luckily we haven't been personally affected, unless you count the ants that are invading our basement through caulking around the drains looking for a dry spot.


There have been some truly terrifying photos from along the river, including some taken by my friend Mike who owns the boat I sail on in the summers. Britannia Yacht Club is fighting valiantly against the flood, although I expect there will be at least some damage. I've included a photo here that I took a few years ago around the same time of year (ie high water) to give an idea of how unusually high the water is!


Despite the deluge, my garden is beginning to show signs of waking up.

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