December 4, 2009
Bold Baby

We decided to invest in Baby Sensory classes because we felt that Elizabeth's weekly routine was becoming a bit stagnant.  Although she does get to visit with lots of other babies through the library babytime program and at church, we tend to visit the same places and people over and over again.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, but Elizabeth can be very uncertain when introduced to new things, so we thought it might be time to broaden her horizons a bit.  This was confirmed when I went to get new glasses at Spinnewyn Opticians, and Elizabeth burst into tears at the sight of the optician.  Mark Spinnewyn is actually a very nice man that we have been dealing with since shortly after they opened in 2003, but something about this new man was apparently quite terrifying for her.  Despite all the tears, I really love my new glasses!


Elizabeth was true to form last week at Baby Sensory - cautious and wailing when the new instructor dared to make eye contact.  Apparently the newness of the experience has already worn off. This week when toys were placed into the middle of the circle for babies to explore,  Elizabeth was the kid making a bee-line for each of the items long before any of the other babies worked up the courage to leave the safety of mom's lap!

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