May 28, 2017
Race weekend 2017

It was race weekend and because we'd done it before I was completely overconfident. Result: we left the house late, ended up being even later when it turned out tires needed to be inflated before we could go anywhere and had to rush, rush, rush to get to the start on time.


I could hear the announcer making last calls for kids to come to the starting line when we got to the part where the cops make you get off your bike and walk, so I made poor Elizabeth run ahead while I locked up the bikes. Then I took off like a crazy person to see if I could make sure she actually got to the start line. It was super stressful for both of us. A kind person did help her get to the line, but then I completely lost sight of my kid.


I feel like there were more people this year because while I filmed the start of the race, even when I watched it on slow motion I had trouble picking her out - certainly couldn't see her live. Grandma also watched for her but didn't see her along the race track.


This year I got to the end but turns out that the actual finish line is out of sight of spectators (for security?) so I just saw her walking. She waved and I went to collect her. She was sad and crying and it turned out that she had been pushed near the beginning and scraped her knee and she declared there were too many kids and she's never running another race. So I marched her back to the first aid tent and got her knee cleaned off and a few hugs later she recovered enough to show off her medal.


We were walking back towards our bikes when Auntie Janice happened along. She had a flat and was concerned about getting home. So we decided to trade bikes, go straight to church and have Daddy drive us and the bikes home. Elizabeth wasn't keen on biking home with a sore knee in any case.


I'm happy to report that Elizabeth has decided that she probably will race again, although she's thinking maybe she'll do a different race next year.


I'd be curious to see how she did on the marathon though as she nearly halved her time from last year despite her fall. She ran the 1.2km in 5:33 compared to 10:22 last year.

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