May 27, 2017
Great Glebe Garage Sale

It was Great Glebe Garage Sale weekend and Elizabeth had high hopes for her face painting and tattooing station. Both Matthew and Amelia helped. I have to say, I'm not sure whether it was the weather or what but I was struck this year by how few kids were allowed to stop and get their face painted or pick out a tattoo. I'd say maybe 5% of the interested kids were yanked along by their impatient parents.


Certainly the feel of the garage sale is slowly shifting. There are still a few "real" garage sales that happen, but in addition to so many charity booths there are quite a lot of people selling things I wouldn't expect to find in a garage sale context. Brand new socks and sheet sets, for instance. Not to mention SO MANY fidget spinners.


In any case the kids stuck at it for an impressively long time and I was proud of their efforts.


After the garage sale I was completely exhausted. So exhausted in fact that I completely forgot it was Aidan's birthday party until it was nearly over. Let's just say Elizabeth was NOT impressed when I told her we'd missed it. But Dianne encouraged us to come anyway, so Elizabeth and I leapt into the car and drove over and she got to have cake and do a few of the activities and thought it was all super awesome. Although I'm not sure she actually knows what minecraft is :P

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