June 4, 2017
Amelia is 2

At two Amelia's personality is starting to come out more.


For example, a random kid will walk up to her and take her toy and she'll let them. But if the random kid tries to get into a little tykes car that Amelia was playing with, she'll fight to the death (even if the car actually belongs to the random kid!). Okay, so maybe not quite that extreme, but there are definitely things she cares about and things she's willing to let go.


She's getting more verbal day by day - and we are understanding more of what she says. Two is telling stories and sticking up for one's self. Instead of just bursting into tears she'll come and explain her woes "Ma-hew HIT my arm!" "Lilbef not let me do my thingy". Thingy seems to be a favourite placeholder when she doesn't remember the word.


Two is taking things that belong to her siblings and saying "MY ball", "MY baby", "MY lunch box" quite hopefully. But since she knows they don't belong to her she just giggles when I remind her that no, these things are not hers. Matthew and Elizabeth find it much less amusing.


She's slightly less shy around visitors to our house, although when she first meets someone she often won't make eye contact or say hello. But she might peek out from behind Mommy's shoulder to make a random announcement like "That's MY living (b)room" (Don't ask me why she adds a b).


She's started insisting that we don't buckle her highchair and that she can wash her own hands before and after meals - including managing soap AND tap.


She's a very busy little lady who actually does a pretty good job of keeping up with her siblings, despite the age difference.

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