June 11, 2017
In house tournament

I wasn't nervous about the in house tournament because after all, they give out participation medals. Then I realized that only Tykes get medals and there was chance that Matthew would get one and Elizabeth wouldn't. Not that this is necessarily a problem, just we hadn't actually discussed this as a possibility. Oops.


The morning of, Elizabeth really didn't want to do the sparring part of the tournament. She figured that she'd definitely lose so why bother. Kata, on the other hand, she was supremely (over) confident.


Matthew was just looking forward to doing his very first tournament! He was up first and duly completed his little obstacle run.


Then it was Elizabeth's turn. There were some very tough competitors but Elizabeth did manage to pull out a bronze in kata. She was still unhappy about sparring until we realized that girls and boys compete separately and there were only two girls at her belt level. At worse she could only get a silver, and she came pretty close to carrying off the gold. She sheepishly agreed that it's always better to compete and do one's best than to worry about the end result.

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