June 22, 2017
Last day of grade 2

It was the last day of grade two! Elizabeth had a farewell assembly, followed by a trip to the library, followed by a picnic in the local park! I came to help supervise the picnic park and brought Matthew and Amelia along.


Elizabeth was sad to say goodbye to her fabulous teacher Mme Nimo, but we were happy to find out that she's been named vice-principal at the "little school" where Matthew is going next year. (The little school is part of Elizabeth's school, but the kindergarten students are in a separate building from the grade 1-6s a few blocks away) "Matthew is super lucky", said Elizabeth.


The picnic was at a splash park, but Elizabeth didn't get wet because most of her friends had neglected to bring bathing suits and she didn't want them to feel bad. So we went to another splash pad to play after school :)

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