August 30, 2017
First day of Maternelle

Matthew had his first day of "real" school today. I'm hoping that he makes a friend and especially hits it off with his teacher. We were sad that he didn't get placed in the class with Elizabeth's excellent JK EC (her teacher has since moved on) but we already know the principal (Elizabeth's teacher from last year!) so we're sure he's in good hands.


Elizabeth took charge of Matthew when the bus arrived. He got on the bus without looking back and the two of them waved with big smiles.


At the end of the day he came back all smiles. It was a "good" day. He claimed he did not make any friends and he couldn't remember his teachers' names, but this didn't seem to bother him. The funniest part of his day was listening to Elizabeth and her friend Olive on the bus. The strangest part of his day was naptime. He got lost trying to find his teacher but "a man" helped him out. "Did you tell him your name?" demanded Elizabeth, who has spent an inordinate amount of time trying to teach him to respond to "Comment t'appelles-tu?". "I said [last name] [first name]" said my son proudly. "And when they asked if I spoke English or French I said English." Elizabeth was not happy. "Didn't you learn ANY French today?" she demanded? "I can say school bus" (and he can!) It will be interesting to see how fast he picks it up.

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