December 8, 2009
Happy Birthday Opa!

We celebrated Grandpa J's birthday on Sunday and are just beginning to recover now.  Elizabeth ate an entire cupful of Cheerios (this is the kid whose food consumption is usually measured in number of blueberries eaten)!  Then she was so wired that she was still up when we left at 10:30 pm.  Yikes!


She's spent the last couple of days sleeping "like a newborn" - up for a couple of hours, asleep for three.  Unfortunately she's also wanted to nurse for hours and hours and hours.  And despite it all she's been unusually cranky.


This evening we discovered the reason why.  Elizabeth has tooth number one on the bottom of her mouth.

On December 12, 2009 at 02:29 am
Stephanie said:
Her first tooth! :)

Our 9M-old baby has two on the bottom and I think she may have one coming in on the top. She's been nursing like crazy throughout the night as well...
On December 14, 2009 at 12:51 pm
Marie said:
I was totally going to guess teething. Hyland's teething gel is a marvelous thing!

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