June 18, 2017
Daddy day

I've been feeling completely terrible, throwing up three or more times a day and generally being unwell and exhausted all of the time.


So I was extremely thankful that my kids' schools organized some love for their Daddy. The kids are old enough now that they also decided to organize breakfast in bed. We were somewhat terrified to discover this when they showed up with a tray with breakable objects teetering precariously as they carried them - together - into the bedroom. Not that we could object without shattering a great deal of pride in their accomplishment, so I just closed my eyes and hoped they made it the rest of the way without dropping anything!


After church, we went to Grandma J's for palatchinken and marillenknödel. Yum!


Then we went home, where the kids put on a special and very long "boat show" for Daddy. It did not end in tears, surprisingly.

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