September 29, 2017
Missed the bus, Concussion, Matthew gets a stripe

Friday was a pretty terrible day.


It started out with the kids missing the bus for the first time ever. Bus has been coming about 10-20 minutes late every day (the one day it was an hour and ten minutes late!), and when they finally figured out their schedule after much complaining it figured that it would be on a Friday when I get the kids ready by myself. It also figures it was on a day that the kids were very slow to get ready. We saw the bus go but it was gone by the time we made it to our stop. Faintly hoping we could salvage the day, I practically threw Amelia at my lovely neighbour who foolishly asked if she could do anything to help and then took off with the other two running towards the last stop. We missed it too by the skin of our teeth. The kids were pretty unhappy. Elizabeth wanted to start walking to school immediately but I decided I'd better retrieve Amelia and we texted Daddy for a rescue. I was impressed and amused that despite being very grumpy, the kids immediately started brainstorming solutions for never, ever missing the school bus again.


We've been telling the kids for years that if they vigorously shove their chairs away from the table it could tip over backwards (since they aren't tall enough to push with their feet).


So we were eating lunch and of course Amelia decided she was done and pushed her chair and it flipped. Right into the radiator. She was so upset she couldn't finish her mouthful of cookie and had to spit it out.


We applied ice and first I and then Janice checked her for injuries. I was pretty confident there was no risk of any kind of spinal injury because she's luckily short enough that her neck and torso was nicely supported by the chair all the way down. We were worried about a potential concussion though, and when I saw the mark the radiator had left on her skull and felt the twin bumps on her head I thought we'd better go to CHEO to get a professional opinion in case there was a fracture or something.


Janice offered to come along, which was nice since Brendan needed to stay to get Matthew off the school bus.


CHEO ER seemed pretty busy as there was a line-up for triage, but after a while we were seen. Janice felt that the ER decorations could use some improvement in the form of proper coloured lights on the wings :) The ER doc diagnosed a concussion but no skull fracture and sent us home with sheets of paper telling us what to expect and when to come back. Amelia is telling everyone about her "owie" head that she got due to "dat ra-ee-ator thingy". At supper she asked for help pushing back her chair - like she's supposed to - for the first time ever.


On the plus side, Matthew got his first yellow-white stripe at karate.

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