October 4, 2017
Butterflies 2017

It's butterfly time again and this year I was smart enough to check to see if the other school boards had a PD day before deciding on a day to visit. Even so we still waited in line for nearly an hour, mostly due to rather endless school trip visits.


Elizabeth is still mind-bogglingly scared of butterflies (okay, so she's actually pretty terrified of most insects). I was quite worried she'd hit her head or trample someone dodging out of the way of the butterflies zooming around, but eventually after talking to her rather sternly she settled down. She even managed to screw up her courage long enough to hold a butterfly on an orange for a photo, which she wanted to do desperately but was clearly a struggle.


Matthew and Amelia weren't nearly as timid, but I could see that they were really unsure how to take Elizabeth's paranoia and it took Matthew a long time to decide whether he'd brave holding a butterfly or not, given that his older sister seemed to feel like it was risking life and limb. If we had stayed longer he probably would have been grabbing them off the leaves so it was probably best for all concerned that we had music class followed by Daddy's birthday restaurant to get to...

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