October 6, 2017
Boston comes to visit

Jess, Daniel, Nora and Simon were in Ottawa for Thanksgiving and miraculously no one was throwing up! Elizabeth was so excited to see Nora she didn't even protest missing school, though she did ask for a rain check on crazy hair day...


As usual, Elizabeth and Nora got on very well, though Nora wasn't feeling super great. Simon and Matthew aren't quite as tight - Matthew is going through a particularly wild phase of play which overwhelmed Simon to the point of hiding in the closet. Matthew thought Simon was quite good fun, if overly fond of hide and seek. Oh well.


We played in the park and then went to the Works for burgers and now Elizabeth is asking me when she gets to go visit Nora in Boston. She wants a sleepover and was most dismayed to discover they weren't staying at our house overnight.

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