December 9, 2009
First Snowstorm

Ottawa's first storm of the season hit today, transforming the region into a winter wonderland.  Daddy was very happy as he got to use his latest power tool (a snow blower) but a minor plumbing emergency in the form of a leaking radiator pipe delayed this marvellous invention and the driveway wasn't clear by the time Elizabeth and I were ready to leave to visit Grandma and Grandpa J this afternoon.


Undeterred, I bundled Elizabeth into her smallest snowsuit and we headed out into the jaws of the storm.  I think the picture accurately captures Elizabeth's feelings about snowsuits...  At first she wanted to fling her head back and look at everything, but after a few flakes in the nostrils she was happy to let me hold her head against me so that she had no skin exposed to the elements.

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