November 4, 2017
Ottawa Storytellers Festival

We met Amelia's godfather Michael and Kaitlyn at the library for the Ottawa Storytellers Festival. First we heard some stories aimed at the younger set, then we listened to some told by other kids. Amelia and Brendan went out to play with other things because we were told that any kids in the audience had to be silent and that was expecting too much. I wasn't too sure about Matthew either but he managed to hold it together. The ones told by the other kids were slightly more mature themes than I would have expected but the kids seemed to enjoy.


Afterwards we explored a bit and then I supervised bookmark crafting with the kids while Brendan and Michael took a few minutes to try and catch some super amazing Pokémon (they were unsuccessful in their mission although it did provide much amusement). Then we headed over to Michael's for a fun rest of the afternoon.

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