November 7, 2017
Duty day the third

Since I'm likely to be slightly occupied at the beginning of next year, when I had the chance of doing an extra duty day for preschool in the fall term I decided I had better take it.


Amelia was quite pleased to show me all the things. We spent quite a bit of time playing with the train set. I even managed to more or less get the half dozen kids that wanted to play to work cooperatively to push the trains around the track for a bit. Amelia's certainly the only kid who can undress/dress herself to go outside and many of her classmates didn't seem to be in the habit of even taking off/putting on their own hats. Either their parents have way more time and patience than I do, or the kids are a lot younger than Amelia.


I brought rainbow fruit and muffins for the kids which was much easier to put out than some of my previous snacks while still satisfying my compulsion for all the cutesy.

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