July 9, 2017
Matthew's baptism birthday

We spent the night at Muriel's in order to break up the trip back from the wedding. Normally we like to take a few extra days when driving that much but of course we had another camp (organized this time with neighbours) so we couldn't stay.


We went to Muriel's church in the morning, where the kids were amused by an object lesson involving turning off the lights and popping balloons with a fork. I went back up to church after the balloon popping so I'm not quite sure how it tied into the lesson. It was pretty nice to have the three kids go to Sunday school by themselves while Brendan and I got to stay in the service!


After church we celebrated Matthew's baptism birthday with both of his godparents. I think Matthew was most excited by the fire part. You might have noticed that we are a little flexible on the actual anniversary date - we figure that if we can get as many godparents together in the same room that's more important :)

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