February 27, 2009

I went to the hospital today for pre-surgery blood tests and was strongly reminded of \u201cLa maison qui rend fou\u201d from Les Douze Travaux d\u2019Astérix (English version)


I was initially directed to head to the obstetrics ward to report for my surgery \u2013 which was a bit disconcerting since I thought I was just in for bloodwork! Turns out the receptionist had simply misread the date. I was then directed from one wicket to the next. The nurse drawing blood did a fantastic job \u2013 I have notoriously difficult veins and often end up with multiple pokes and quite a lot of bruising. This time I have no bruising at all, which I don\u2019t think has ever happened before.


I have now been officially admitted to the Montfort \u2013 complete with bracelet; but luckily they did let me go home\u2026 After returning to the first wicket with all my paperwork duly stamped I finally did get my special number to call but it can only be used between the hours of two and four pm. It\u2019s a bit disconcerting to know that I am having surgery tomorrow, but not to have any idea when to show up nor where to go.

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