December 2, 2017

It was the last skating lesson day.


Amelia has progressed to occasionally letting go of Daddy and trying to take a few steps on her own. She is quite risk averse on her skates, but since she spent most of the session crying because Daddy wouldn't pick her up after about the first ten minutes of each lesson, we were just happy to see her get to a point where she was at least participating. The teacher recommended that she try Just you and Me next session, which we are going to ignore since we think she'd spend the whole time on her knees. Not that we are doing next session as we have little to no desire to bring a newborn to the rink. Plus Daddy's back needs time to recover from all that bending over.


Matthew spent the session skating circles around his classmates. The teacher took me aside about five lessons in to apologize that Matthew had apparently finished all of the curriculum for Kindergliders. His teacher was pretty great and gave him all kinds of extra stuff. The main problem is that he's actually more than a year too young for the next level, but since we're taking next term off it will be less of an issue when the time comes to get the staff to waive the age restriction.


Elizabeth also was clearly better than her peers and she actually started out the session having nearly completed all the items in Junior gliders. Frequently she was given extra tasks to do and even had a few essentially private lessons. So we were a little puzzled when her report card came back and she made virtually no progress against the items outstanding on her card. (I mean, she obviously made progress as we could see some of the things she was working on got better.) Not quite sure whether this will be her last set of formal classes; as far as we're concerned her skating ability is fine as it is and she's more interested in ballet and karate. I guess we'll see what the schedule is like in September.

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