January 11, 2018

Our plan was to leave the hospital as soon as possible, so we let the nurses know that we wished to have all the bloodwork and various tests done as soon as possible.


In particular, we wanted to have the baby hearing test done because when Amelia was born the hearing test tech assumed we'd still be there after 48 hours and went home before testing her. This meant we had to go to the hearing center to do the test later. The message was passed along and the hearing tech went home anyway. The nurses were a little surprised and we were annoyed but at least we already know what to do.


The heel prick tests used to be done at the nurses station (and that was always Daddy's job). Now they do it while baby nurses in the room. I guess it makes sense but I preferred not being involved. Michael hardly flinched at first but he had to have two heel sticks in order to get enough blood and it took a really long time so after a few minutes of that he had had enough. I didn't blame him.


I was happy to hear that my bloodwork showed that my iron levels had hardly dropped at all ("They are normal") and Michael was showing no signs of jaundice.


I was cleared to go home at around ten in the morning, but we had to wait around a very long time for Michael. The nurses annoyed me very much by repeatedly making comments about how most C-sections stay 48 hours. Eventually the pediatrician showed up to evaluate Michael and explained that the reason for the delay was they were having trouble locating his last ultrasound results.


At Michael's growth check at 32 weeks there was a slight anomaly with his kidneys. Something about the distance between the ureter walls was slightly too big which meant that he could have problems with urine backing up from the bladder into the kidneys. Now, supposedly the problem was only flagged under the old guidelines and the doctor was careful to explain that it was likely that it would self-resolve. Anyway, I went in for another ultrasound at 36 weeks to see if the problem was getting worse. The day of my ultrasound (Dec 19) we had a massive snowstorm. So many people were late for their appointments and so many technicians were either on holidays or sick that the clinic actually called me to ask whether I could possibly come in the following day. So I went in the next day and then promptly forgot all about it at my next two OB appointments since I was much more worried about the whole blood pressure thing. Turns out that the ultrasound clinic was so backed up they forgot to read the results and so the 36 week ultrasound had never been sent to the OB. So we spent hours sitting around waiting for this to happen so that the pediatrician could find out what follow-up treatment he needed to do (eg meds). I was kind of kicking myself for not checking on this before the surgery though, especially since my OB had been on vacation the preceding week. In any case the paperwork eventually came through and it appears that everything is fine. Michael will need a follow-up at CHEO in a couple of weeks (before which I am not allowed to nurse him for two hours, so that's going to be amusing) but we expect that will likely be the end of it.


As soon as we were cleared to go we left. Janice brought Elizabeth and Grandma J along to help us carry all of our stuff out to the car.


It had been a snow day (and none of the kids wanted to go to school!) so they stayed home to play with Grandma H and Auntie Janice and wait for us to come home. They made a lot of puzzles and a pretty amazing welcome home sign. Everyone was pretty excited when we first walked in the door.


I even felt okay to eat supper downstairs before tackling the many many stairs in our house. Everyone gazed adoringly at "dat baby" as Amelia has dubbed him.

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