February 9, 2018
Michael at 1 month

Daddy's take: At one month Michael is taking his duties seriously.  He nurses, sleeps and produces like a champ.  Otherwise he is angelic as long as when he eventually declares that no one ever feeds him, he is promptly provided with his food source.  If said food source is indisposed for more than a short while the world will hear about it.  There have been a few glimpses of smiles (of the non gas variety) and he is still taking a great interest in the world around him.  Staring at everything with big eyes (which are still slate blue and no one can quite decide if they are getting bluer or browner).  Elizabeth continues to refer to him as "my baby" and carts him around at every opportunity.  She has even changed a few diapers and enjoys proclaiming loudly about how she even changed a poopy one.


Mommy's take: Michael is remarkably non fussy and rarely cries unless he is cold or having his diaper changed. He also doesn’t seem to be particularly “spitty”, to everyone’s great relief. Hopefully writing this down doesn’t come back to haunt me!


He sleeps well every other night - I’d say he isn’t quite on a 24 hour cycle. Usually he has two long sleeps of four hours at a time, one sometime in the morning and the other usually overnight. Then he nurses most of the rest of the time in between a few shorter naps. When he sleeps he likes to have a lot of blankets. He seems to need to be warm. At first I worried he was getting overheated and kept checking his temperature as he’s a bit of a furnace but after a while I decided to go with it (temperature was always normal!)


When he’s awake he seems unusually alert. He makes big eyes, taking it all in. He twists his head until it seems like it will fall off looking around at the world. Like his siblings he has figured out holding his head up at an early age, but we still try to be close by if Matthew or Amelia are holding him as they aren’t quite able to help support his head if necessary (babies get tired!).


Elizabeth loves helping with Michael, it’s like having her own live doll, she says. She’s been a huge help, rocking, dressing, undressing and even changing diapers!

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