February 17, 2018

I was pretty determined to get to go on the canal this year so when we realized that this weekend was probably the last chance and the weather looked like it was cooperating I decided to go for it.


it was nice and warm and no one got cold. Michael’s hands and feet were still warm when we got back a couple hours later! Amelia skated with the help of Auntie Karen’s skate trainer from Patterson’s Creek out to the next set of steps going down to the canal. She might have gone further with encouragement but she was very slow without having mommy help drag the trainer along and I felt there was a limit to how far I ought to be dragging the trainer...


Elizabeth, Xander and Matthew went roaring around on the ice at a much faster pace than most of us could keep up with. I was pleased to discover that skating was easier than walking around. I was tempted to skate further but it was getting time to nurse so I contented myself with skating up to fifth for the last beavertails of the season and back.

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