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February 16, 2018

Janice drove Angie, Amelia, Michael and I to the museum of History for a big outing to check out the Canada Hall replacement.


Frankly, I was underwhelmed. I can understand why they wanted to update things and the content has certainly changed quite a bit. There is a much bigger emphasis on First Nations in Canada as well as the various treaties. I might not have chosen some of the topics they chose to cover, but my main quibble is that it went from being a pretty interesting and different museum to one that is pretty generically trendy. My impression was one of lots of open areas and long corridors. It looked nice but I felt there was a lot of empty space that maybe could have been used to better effect. The presentation is one of standard glass cases with information, terrible lighting and throbbing dramatic *noise* everywhere. I would not want to take a child with sensory issues there. I don’t get why poor lighting is trendy in modern museums but Amelia was not amused. She really wanted to be carried because it was so scary but I’m not allowed to pick her up yet and I didn’t think Janice should carry her through the entire exhibit so we compromised on holding hands very tightly.


There were a few things to touch scattered throughout, with many interactive computer things which were very neat. That’s the sort of thing that tends to stop working and be useless after a year or so but I didn’t completely hate the screens - especially the mini artifacts of the Dorset peoples were interesting to see closer up using the computer images.


I had wondered what they were going to do about the Ukrainian church as it is a consecrated space that is still in use. Turns out they left it alone. I was glad to see it, but sorry for the reminder of how much less cool and engaging the presentation of the information is now. Oh well.


It was getting late so we decided to eat at the museum. I was pleasantly surprised to find things that I figured I could safely eat. Amelia opted for a peanut butter sandwich, chips and some red juice WITH a straw.  Then we attempted to go and see the winter version of MosaiCanada « Mosaivernal » which is responsible for winterlude slides mostly being eliminated this year. Turns out it only is open at night, so that was sad. But Amelia fell asleep during our stroll down to Jacques Cartier park so it wasn’t all bad :)

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