December 29, 2009
10 Months!

Elizabeth turned ten months old yesterday.  Time for pictures with the bear.  It's getting more and more difficult to get her to sit in anything like the same position...


If you look closely, you can see tooth number one (bottom center) in a few of these!


At ten months, Elizabeth is a very busy and giggly baby who loves exploring the world around her.  She is fearless and foolhardy when it comes to sudden drops and trying new things, but new people and places will send her scurrying for Mom.  A very cuddly girl for Mom, Dad, Auntie Janice and occasionally her Grandparents, she is pretty suspicious when passed to others.  If you give her time though, she'll smile and play peek-a-boo or hide-and-seek with you.  She claps all the time.  It's important for Mom to keep a good grip when holding her because peek-a-boo Elizabeth-style is a full-body sport.


Elizabeth loves playing with balls, especially the hard bouncy ball that lights up with a vigorous whack on the floor, but her favourite toy is an empty toilet paper roll or anything made of paper.  Her favourite book is "Baby boo!", although she enjoys turning the pages of any book and pretending to read to her stuffed animals. 


Elizabeth likes to "help" Mom and Dad fold the laundry.  She will spend a great deal of time taking clothes out of the bin and carefully spreading them around the room.  She cleans the floor one piece of detrius at a time.  Maybe this is why she dislikes Rosie the Roomba so much (competition!).  She can open drawers and cupboards all by herself, but thankfully she has not yet figured out how to lift the toilet seat in order to indulge in a little puddling.


Not a big fan of mush, Elizabeth adores Cheerios.  She'll eat most things if she can feed them to herself.  I can't imagine weaning her though as she still appears to need a great deal of nursing (particularly when teeth come in).


Needless to say we are enjoying her very much!

On December 29, 2009 at 11:33 pm
Marie said:
Happy 10 months, Elizabeth!
On December 30, 2009 at 04:41 pm
Stephanie said:
A large part of your description reminds me of our 9M-old. She's active, adventurous, and adorable! She also is still nursing like crazy, but she likes "table food" too. Peas, noodles, cheerios, and berries are favorites around here. :)

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