February 18, 2018
1000 kicks and a party

The older kids really wanted to do the Kids Kicking Cancer fundraiser this year so Janice took them to karate to do one thousand kicks while the rest of us went to church.


They were supposed to dress as superheros, so Elizabeth decided to be "Super Penguin" and Matthew went with "Max", the lesser-known member of Paw Patrol... Of course Amelia had to dress up too, which meant we found ourselves taking a purple dinosaur to church because if you think I had the energy to fight that battle you are sadly mistaken. Besides, purple is lent appropriate, right??


The other kids made it back in time for communion, which I'm sure was a bit amusing for the priests since everyone was still in costume.


After lunch we said farewell to Angie for another year and we headed out to neighbour Charlotte and Elizabeth's birthday pool party!

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