February 4, 2018
Michael is baptized

It was our first outing "en famille" and we managed to get to church before the service started! This would be partly because we were aiming to be there half an hour early. Luckily Michael's godparents Kate and Joel had our backs and collected our paperwork. Also we've done this before so Pastor Michelle wasn't worried about us not being oriented.


It was fun to introduce Michael to our church family and the many friends, family and neighbours that came. Elizabeth quite enjoyed showing off her baby wrangling skills to her peers, especially to Mila.


I'm pleased to report that we are four for four in the no crying while being baptized department. Elizabeth and Matthew were quite gleeful that "their baby" was so well behaved.


After the service we hung around for a few minutes for hospitality hour at church - they even had gluten free cupcakes! Then it was time for our baptism celebration open house at home. We had make your own pizza and more cupcakes, and we played pass the baby :) Michael was extremely obliging and didn't mind one bit.


It was mom and dad's last evening in Ottawa, so we had a gathering of the clan (18 of us) and Janice organized a Janice-safe "memories of raclette" dinner with sweet potato, beef, peas and swiss chard and a round of special Janice-safe melting cheese.

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