March 24, 2018
Elizabeth's 9th birthday party

In which I admit that Elizabeth conned me into having fifteen kids over for an "arts and crafts" party for her birthday. Then we let five of them stay overnight for a sleepover party. Originally there were supposed to be ten kids, but there was a misunderstanding and she "accidentally" invited the sleepover girls to the art part. Daddy says he's in charge of the head count next year.


It was completely excessive and wonderful fun, but for the record she agonized greatly over the guest list, especially when she realized there were only TWO boys.


Auntie Janice helped out and honestly was probably the reason the house is still standing because it was mad chaos for a moment there. I actually looked into renting space for the party but Elizabeth really wanted it at home and by the time I made up my mind to do it the timeslot we needed wasn't available.


Poor Janice was a little frazzled; Elizabeth kept changing her mind about what the plan was so by the time we got around to actually doing the party there were random extra activities that just got thrown at Janice. But I think it was all a great success in the end.


We decorated loot bags and painted letters, did ice breakers and pass the parcel (by special request, with special colour coding for allergies). Elizabeth showed her friends how to do origami in small groups while the others made a house out of a large box. Then we did decorate your own cupcakes with artist palettes which made the procurement process worth it (three different Michael's stores)


Once the horde cleared out the rest of the girls headed downstairs to get ready for part two. Originally two of the girls weren't staying overnight; Olivia had a ballet thing the following day and Adi wasn't too sure about a sleepover with a bunch of girls she mostly didn't know. Actually at first I wasn't sure how it was going to work because the sleepover girls are all close friends of Elizabeth but not necessarily of each other. Elizabeth insisted that they must all get matching pjs (some of which were FAR too large and had to be pinned) and getting dressed was the first order of business. Matching PJs were MAGIC. Suddenly they went from awkward strangers to BEST FRIENDS FOREVER. Adi decided to stay the night after all and they all went home declaring undying affection for each other.


The girls played with Elizabeth's presents and took turns cuddling Michael (they enjoyed; he did not), watched the 1982 version of Annie, and ate ice cream lit by glow in the dark balloons. In the morning everyone was still friends and still smiling. Thus began the age of the sleepover.

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