April 9, 2018

I'm celiac and Mom's celiac, which means we have a fairly strong history of celiac disease in our family.


That means that all of our kids get tested regularly and will need to do so until they figure out what triggers celiac, or we do genetic testing to see if they are not at risk (seems unlikely).


In any case, Amelia started having diarrhea last summer and her poops never really got better. Matthew had had the same problem at her age and it turned out to be c. jejuni (see also: why we don't lick the railings in the cow barn) so I asked the doctor to do a stool sample just in case. No convenient parasite explanation this time, but there was concern about crohn's so we were referred to a pediatric gastroenterologist whom we've been seeing for a few months now.


He listened carefully to everything we had to say and after examining Amelia he decided that neither Crohn's nor celiac were likely the problem, but instead she appears to be very constipated.


She's now (theoretically) on a low sugar, high fibre diet and it seems that this is doing the trick. Of course we've seen the doctor right after Christmas and Easter, which are particularly challenging times for me to deny sugar based treats, but we are working on improving our diet. I find it much more difficult than Brendan because I have a big sweet tooth but bit by bit we are making progress.


Amelia thinks the doctor's nice but she's "awfully tired of people poking my tummy"

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