May 26, 2018

Finished my first race ever. Matthew ran the whole way. There were two or three intervals where he demanded to walk and I slowed (gratefully) to a fast walk for about ten seconds or less. But Matthew kept running and then just picked up speed again 😂 Elizabeth ran most of it literally looking back over her shoulder hollering that she didn’t want to separate, which inspired Matthew to keep a pace that was a little above my comfort level. Finally when we could see the finish Elizabeth decided to run ahead and finished 14 seconds ahead. I tried to get Matthew to run ahead too but he had a death grip on my hand and didn’t wish to let go.


Elizabeth was pondering out loud about how Catherine (our neighbour) was going to run 21 2km races. “I definitely can’t do that”, she mused, “I think I could manage doing it four more times though”

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