June 10, 2018
Five months

At five months Michael is growing hair! He’s also probably teething. Certainly he’s chomping on enough!


Hes getting more talkative, cooing and laughing at his siblings. Still a flirt, though he’s obviously started recognizing certain people like cousins and siblings. He usually doesn’t mind going with people who aren’t mommy unless he’s hungry. He can sign for milk and Elizabeth at least swears he has a couple of words like Mommy and down (into the exersaucer).  He’s fond of the exersaucer, and if the other kids are around it seems to entertain them as well since they like to “show Michael how to play”. As a result Mommy’s fond of it too...


hes started playing with toys and can sit with us for meals trying to stuff spoons and his favourite toy (a silicone muffin liner with feet) into his mouth. After he turned five months we let him try Cheerios and gluten free Os. He seems to like them, although he’s only managed to actually consume about half of one. 


Today he was spotted playing peek-a-boo with a blanket.


He’s spending much more time awake and for longer in one stretch. Usually he wakes up around 6:30am, naps in the morning around 9am, around lunch (tends to sleep through lunch, which is usually between 11 and 12) and then around 3pm. He’s usually ready for bed around 6:30pm or 7, but since that’s Amelia and Matthew’s bedtime prep someone gets to deal with him wailing at them until I’m ready. Unlike his siblings he’s quite good at self-soothing and particularly likes soothers. He doesn’t keep it in his mouth long by himself but if he has a good grip on it with his hand that doesn’t really matter since he can chomp on it by himself (not that he exactly gets the right parts back in but that doesn’t seem to matter).

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