June 4, 2018
Amelia is three

At three Amelia is getting more adventurous and maybe a bit wilder (uh oh). She’s conflicted about her change in status from baby to middle kid. Sometimes she’s very keen to be a big kid but mostly she doesn’t want us to forget she’s “still little”. Three is what I like to call the age of thunderstorms. Big noisy temper tantrums are now a thing - not often but still. More often she'll grunt with annoyance and refuse to talk to you if she is displeased with you for some reason.


Amelia adores Matthew and happily plays with him but they also clash endlessly. He likes to make her scream, she likes to get him in trouble by screaming. It's fair to say that the middles are like the little girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead. They fight endlessly, then make it up and then fight some more. Sometimes they get physical but mostly she complains about hurt feelings. She recently cried "Matthew bonked me on the head and it hurted my feelings". Matthew rather scornfully told her he didn't intend to hurt her feelings, just her head. "You missed", she wailed.


Amelia doesn’t nap, except in the car. At bedtime she likes to be tucked in and blessed first. Then we must not forget to say prayers. A cynic might say that she takes the opportunity to put off actually going to sleep (and to be the center of attention), and heaven forbid someone might get impatient and start their own prayers. Prayer time here is very frequently punctuated with editorial comments such as "Nooooo Matthew!! It's MYYYYY TUUUURNNNNN". Sometimes the kids pray for each other "Please help Matthew to feel better" which is rarely received in the spirit it is intended "I'M NOT SICK" "Noooooo Matthew!! It's MYYYYY TUUUURNNNNN". Nevertheless we persevere.


Favourite foods include hotdogs, sausages, fruit, salad. At breakfast time she likes to have a little bit of all the cereals in her bowl at once. She favors the low fibre/high sugar ones, which is problematic since she’s supposed to be cutting her sugar and increasing her fibre to treat an ongoing chronic constipation issue. She’s not fond of anything that she doesn’t recognize.


The constipation is an issue because it makes toilet training harder for her. Also unhelpful: she's frightened of the toilet and has decided she just doesn't want to use it. Did I mention she's very, very stubborn? We're not pushing the issue but UGH.


Amelia adores preschool and would happily go every day. She also likes going to housegroup at church because she gets to have a packed lunch like the big kids.


In fact, “I want to do that also too” is a very frequent refrain around here. (And lest you wonder, we've tried telling her she can't do certain things unless she uses the toilet like a big kid, but so far we have not yet discovered the right incentive).


She loves to dance and pretends to speak French very often. She has learned her colours in French, but her diction needs work. This is especially confusing when she switches languages mid-sentence without warning. She has some trouble remembering names, preferring "that person" or "her over there". She's only just stopped calling Michael "that baby".

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