July 2, 2018
Cousin Camp: Science Museum

Monday was supposed to rain so we decided to go to the Science and Tech museum. It wasn't as busy as we feared what with being about five million degrees outside and a statutory holiday. Yukiko was surprised by how much the museum had changed since the renovations.


We went to the Art of the Brick exhibition which was super cool. I particularly enjoyed the artwork made out of legos. All the kids had a wonderful time building at the end and had to be dragged out of there. Dave and Karen and kids left afterwards but we decided to eat at the museum and check out some of the other exhibits.



-The crazy kitchen. Had to give the kids a limit on how many times they went through.

-Jumping up and down trying to get the "perfect" shot of everyone floating. Elizabeth was doing handstands too but I don't have a picture of that.

-The medical science display, especially the miniature axe used for surgery (compare ancient and "modern" tools!). Kids were grossed out by the spin the urine wheel.

-The room aimed at the under eights, especially the climbing wall.

I don't think we saw even a quarter of the exhibits so we'll have to go back...


The kids probably would have been happy to spend the rest of the day at the museum but Amelia was showing signs of fatigue and my friends had just texted me to invite us to their pool! So we headed out to Brian and Meghan's gorgeous pool to have a little swim.


Erika was holding Michael on the way out of the museum when she tripped and fell down the stairs. I looked back and she was sitting on the ground cradling the baby. She scraped herself pretty badly but mostly was in shock worried about Michael. He was completely fine - hurray for protective instincts.


After the pool we headed to Grandma J's for a post father's day father's day celebration with the traditional palatchinken and marillenknodel.

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